Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Morgan Ancestors

Ok, it has been forever since I posted on this blog. I guess I had better get back at it and what better way than to talk about my Morgan ancestors. My grandmother (second from the left in the photo above) was Clara Ethel Morgan. She was one of 13 children but only the four pictured above lived to reach adulthood. Pictured are Hazel Gladys, Clara Ethel, Mary Luanna "Mayme", and Albert Earl. They were the children of Calvin Douglas Morgan and Laura Belle Roberts.

Calvin Douglas Morgan was born April 29, 1861 in Lancaster, Wabash County, Illinois. He married Laura Belle Roberts January 11, 1882 at Gards Point, Wabash County, Illinois. She was born January 30, 1865 in Mt. Carmel, Wabash County, Illinois and was the daughter of Archibald Ruddle Roberts and Lucinda Montgomery. Calvin died August 22, 1910 in Allendale, Wabash County, Illinois following an appendectomy performed on his kitchen table of all things!! Laura Belle died June 8, 1930 in Evansville, Indiana. Calvin Douglas and Laura Belle had the following children:
#1. Infant Child Morgan born and died June 22, 1882 in Lick Prairie, Wabash County, Illinois.
#2. Clara Ethel Morgan (my grandmother) born October 14, 1884 Lick Prairie, Illinois. She married Elkanah Richards Clark June 3, 1903 and died May 14, 1960 in Rockford, Illinois.
#3. Flora Belle Morgan born November 19, 1886 in Lick Prairie and died March 15, 1896 in Lick Prairie.
#4. Nellie Maud Morgan born July 13, 1890 Lick Prairie died January 31, 1892 Lick Prairie.
#5. Albert Earl Morgan born September 23, 1892 Lick Prairie died April 17, 1948 Allendale, Illinois. Married Eva Elizabeth Wolfe December 24, 1912 Allendale, Illinois.
#6. Infant Girl Morgan born and died June 23, 1893 Allendale, Illlinois.
#7. Mary Luanna "Mayme" Morgan born January 8, 1895 Allendale Illinois died January 12, 1968 Berwyn, Illlinois. Married Joseph T. Williams June 14, 1913 Wabash County, Illinois.
#8. Thirza M. Morgan born April 8, 1897, Allendale, Illinois died June 30, 1897 Allendale.
#9. Talmah R. Morgan born December 22, 1898 Allendale, Illinois died January 8, 1900 Allendale, Illinois.
#10. Hazel Gladys Morgan born October 14, 1900 Allendale, Illinois died October 7, 1974 Mt. Carmel, Wabash County, Illinois. Married Rienza Wolfe September 1, 1917 Wabash County, Illinois.
#11. Infant Boy Morgan born January 8, 1903 died January 25, 1903 Allendale, Illinois.
#12. Clinton C. Morgan born March 7, 1904 Allendale, Illinois died August 14, 1904 Allendale.
#13. Addie Sybil Morgan born December 7, 1906 Allendale died October 13, 1907 Allendale.I can't even begin to imagine what these parents went through each time they lost a child. It must have been devastating. These are the tombstones of all of the children who died in infancy or childhood in the Lick Prairie Cemetery.

Calvin Douglas Morgan was the son of George W. Morgan and Mary Eliza Preston. George W. was born February 5, 1836 in Wabash County, Illinois. He died September 4, 1906 in Wabash County. Mary Eliza was born March 5, 1837 in Wabash County and died November 9, 1898 in Wabash County. George W. and Mary Eliza were married September 3, 1857 at her home in Edwards County, Illinois. They had 11 children, 4 of whom died in infancy.
#1. Franklin Morgan born August 21, 1858 Lancaster, Wabash County, Illinois. Died January 30, 1916 West Salem, Edwards County, Illinois. Married #1 Emma Hedrick December 18, 1879 Edwards County, Illinois; #2 Elzira Greathouse March 7, 1888 Edwards County, Illinois; #3 Martha "Mattie" Bogard January 15, 1895 Edwards County, Illinois.
#2. Infant Boy Morgan born and died April 18, 1860 Lancaster, Wabash County, Illinois.
#3. Calvin Douglas Morgan (my great grandfather listed above)
#4. Nancy Ann Morgan born April 17, 1863 Lancaster, Illinois died November 3, 1865 Lancaster.
#5. George W. Morgan Jr. born March 14 1865 Lancaster, Illinois died October 30, 1897 Wabash County, Illinois. Married Della Talley November 22, 1888 Wabash County, Illinois
#6. Jacob Morgan born January 26, 1868 Lancaster, Illinois died October 14, 1933 West Salem, Edwards County, Illinois. Married Lenora R. Nading November 7, 1889 Wabash County. They both died on the same date. They were killed when their car was hit by a train. (My grandfather, Elkanah Richards Clark who married Clara Ethel Morgan was killed in April of that same year when his truck was hit by a train.)
#7. Joseph Morgan born February 8, 1870 Lancaster, Illinois. Died May 2, 1946 in Illinois. He married #1 Ida Elizabeth Myers January 24, 1894 in Wabash County, Illinois. #2 Lydia (last name unknown) between 1910-1913 Wabash County.
#8. Infant Girl Morgan born and died January 26, 1876 Lancaster, Illinois.
#9. Eli Morgan born January 16, 1873 Lancaster, Illinois died January 1, 1934 Homer, Illinois. Married Stella Tarpley January 8, 1896 Wabash County, Illinois.
#10. Infant Boy Morgan born and died April 2, 1875 Lancaster, Illinois.
#11. Nellie Morgan born July 7, 1876 Lancaster Illinois, died June 14, 1945 Mt. Carmel, Wabash County, Illinois. Married John Lewis Bradham January 29, 1893 Wabash County, Illinois.

My great great grandfather, George W. Morgan was the son of Calvin Morgan and Nancy Gupton. I will write about Calvin and my theories on his parentage in my next post.