Monday, August 11, 2008

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I know that it has been quite a while since I have posted here. I have been busy--all day, every day--putting all of my lines, pictures etc on I have added several different lines.

I have three different lines for my husband. He is adopted but thanks to a very comprehensive adoption history, I was able to find both his birth maternal and paternal lines. And, we have been able to meet a sister from his maternal line and cousins and an aunt from his paternal line. I have put the information from his birth paternal line in a tree called Ritten/Ryten Gershtenman/Gorman Family Tree. This line goes back to Russia and Poland. Both of these families immigrated to America and settled in Detroit. His birth maternal line information is in a tree called Thomas and Walker family tree. The Thomas' came from Wales. Edward Thomas worked in the coal mines in Boulder County, Colorado but moved to Detroit where he died. His wife took the Merrill name from her stepfather but her mother was a Walker from Indiana and her father was a Grehear from Germany.His adoptive line is in a tree entitled Runta and O'Malley Family Tree. The Runtus family immigrated from Lithuania to Pennsylvania where Anthony worked in the coal mines. The O'Malleys and Worns families were from Graves End, England and immigrated in the early part of the 1900's to NYC and on to Detroit.

As for my lines I did my dad's side first. This one is called Brooks, Dye, Ice Family Tree. The Brooks' went from Pennsylvania to Delaware to Virginia to Harrison County, West Virginia to Washington County, Ohio. It was in West Virginia and Washington County, Ohio that they intermarried with the Dye and Ice family--both very prolific families in the area. Other names in this line are Bogard from New York to West Virginia; Sayers from Ireland to Pennsylvania to West Virginia; Taylor from New York to Washington County, Ohio and Pearce from Delaware to Monroe County, Ohio.

I am still working on putting my mother's tree online. I have a LOT of names to put on line. I know that I could just download a gedcom file but I wanted to put each name on individually so I could check them against what is already online. When I eventually get it all up to date, this line will include Clarks from Richland County, Illinois back to Virginia and Barbados; Richards and McCoy from Richland County, Illinois back to Wilson County, Tennessee; Morgan and Gupton from Wabash County, Illinois back to Carter County, Tennessee and North Carolina; Roberts from Wayne and Wabash Counties, Illinois back to Virginia; Gaddy and Montgomery from Wabash County, Illinois back to North Carolina and Virginia; and Preston and Finney from Wabash County, Illinois back to Hamilton County, Ohio and points east.

I had posted much of this information years ago but has updated it's site and method of adding family trees--so to stay up with the times, this is why I am doing it again. Plus it is a great way to share pictures and other information with others.

So, forgive me for not posting here for awhile.

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